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  What is a Grommet?

Grommets are typically utilized to protect wires and cables against sharp edged sheet metal holes or firewalls. Effective as abrasion resistant barriers, grommets also work well to quell vibration and act as a contamination barrier when properly sized. Primarily made from elastomers, grommets can be made in metal, plastic or other materials. The R.F. Carlson Co. stocks many standard size grommets as well as some military specification MS35489 sizes. Need a custom size or material? We can source a grommet to your unique application.


Rubber bumpers have a wide variety of industrial applications. Some examples are movement reduction, anti-vibration and surface protection. We can provide rubber bumpers in numerous shapes and compounds.

Materials – SBR (most commonly used for grommets and bumpers) but can be molded in other elastomers such as Buna, EP, and Silicone. Plastic materials include nylon and ABS.

grommets & bumpers