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  RF Carlson is a supplier of high precision, tight tolerance custom molded parts. Compression molding provides for a wide variety of custom shapes and sizes. Other advantages include a wide range of compound choices, relatively low tooling costs and little material waste.

Compression molding consists of a top and bottom plate mold that is machined to a custom configuration. An elastomer preform is added between the plates and the plates are compressed under heat and pressure for a specific amount of time. After parts are released from the mold, additional post-curing is sometimes utilized (depending on the material).

The compression molding process is computer controlled and monitored to maintain consistent molding conditions thereby assuring duplication of product shape and material properties throughout the molding cycle.

In addition to custom shapes, color enhanced compounds can provide methods to distinguish similar components, improve consumer appeal and highlight safety aspects.

With practically unlimited shapes, sizes and colors, our custom molded rubber parts will meet your exact specifications.