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  What is a Cable Tie?

Also called tie wraps or zip ties, a cable tie is a simple fastening device usually made of nylon. They are a cost-effective way of securing many types of goods including signage, wiring, tents and tarps, and even packaged consumer goods. Cable ties can be wrapped around nearly any item as they are flexible and can wrap in a circle or in different directions.

Depending on additives, material or style, ties are adaptable for a variety of applications:

• Black UV resistant – typical outdoor applications
• Stainless steel – ultra outdoor environments – high temperature
• Stainless steel coated epoxy – ultra outdoor environments and high humidity, corrosion
• Low profile – reduced /flattened head style – used on playground equipment
• Releasable ties – for temporary or re-fastening applications
• Heavy duty – up to 250 lb tensile strength – for bundling heavy objects

The RF Carlson Co. stocks many popular size ties and also has an on-line site for purchasing: cabletiesnow.com (For an item not in stock, we can also adjust our inventory to your exact stocking need.)


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